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From: Ron Scholes
Subject: Second submission, "A Family Affair," Part Two, Chapter threeThen they kissed as only men in love can kiss." Oh, my Son, I am here for you at all times and in all places
forever",Nick's Dad's voice pledged to him, whispering softly into Nick's ear .The Two hunky men were now reveling in their lust. One the father, one
the son, and each gambling their reputations would not be lost..-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Chapter Three : (Continuing from Chapter One.)
Bill pulled Nick to himself, placing his lips to Nick's, his mustache
nuzzling at Nick's mustached upper lip, and kissed his boy. His Boy.
Really His, Now, and Forever."Oh Nicky," sighed Bill, "I want to share this with you forever."They lay silently, each thinking thoughts of last night, and of what had
happened between them.Nick was thinking about his Dad, of how proud he was of him, of his
admiration for his Father, remembering in his mind's eye how Dad had
looked in his Police Department uniform, how well the uniform fit his
Dad's strong, muscular body, that body he hadn't often seen in his 32
years.He pictured Dad in his uniform, remembering how often he had looked at
the prominent bulge of the hidden genitals behind the fly of the
trousers.He remembered how often he had watched his Dad dress for work, donning
that dark blue uniform of the Police Force, strapping on the wide, black
service belt that held the holster and pistol, handcuffs, and nightstick
that were the tools of the trade, then pinning on that Gold shield, his
badge, that marked his Dad distinctively. Then he tied on his black tie.God, he was a God in Nick's eyes. He was a remarkably handsome man. His
strong jaw was slightly clefted, his dark brown mustache neatly trimmed,
his steel-grey eyes alert, showing grin lines at the corners.Nick occasionally watched his Father take a piss after he had dressed for
work; watched as his Dad's strong hand pulled down the zipper of his
uniform trousers, reached in and extracted from the pouch of his briefs
that rarely-seen penis, pulling the soft six-inch cock out to it's full
length, letting it hang loose for a moment, then retracting the foreskin
just enough to disclose the opening of the urethra that slit the bulbous
end of his prick. Then he would let go of his penis and the urine at the
same time. The dangling cock then drained his bladder. And his Father
would sigh.Nick remembered how he had wanted to touch his Dad's cock, to feel it's
size, to slide the loose skin back and forth along the soft shaft. He
remembered this and more about his Father who lay naked next to him. All
this he had wanted in the past. Now it was given to him.His Dad was now his. He opened his eyes to gaze at his Father's naked
body laying next to him, admiring the rippled stomach, the handsome
visage, the broad shoulders and muscular arms, showing the layering of
dark hair, the massive pecs on Dad's chest, covered by the same dark
hair.He gazed on down to Dad's crotch, looking at the soft, capped cock and
hairy balls. Nick was happy. He lay back again, closer to his Father. He
took Dad's hand, their fingers interlacing. His Dad squeezed his hand, a
strong, manly squeeze.Bill was having his own thoughts. He was still amazed at what he and Nick
had shared last night and this morning. That such a thing might happen,
could be possible, had not come into his thoughts as he had prepared for
their camping trip. But, all in all, he was very glad it had. It seemed
both good and right to him. He lay savoring the experiences, recalling
how naturally it had developed and then took place, remembering the hentai young lolita footjob feel
of his Son's penis in his mouth, the loose, sliding foreskin, Nick's
balls in his hand, the strong body of his son, and then, the feeling of
his cock sliding into Nick's body as they made early-morning love.Yes, it had happened. Nick had given himself up to his Father's desires.Bill remembered it dark lolita collection nudes
all, each detail, and savored it again. He squeezed
his Son's hand again. They laid side by side, now naked, free, and in
love with one another.After a while, they both began to stir, and got up from the sleeping bags
in their tent to get ready for the rest of the day they were to spend
together in the woods at Whitewater. Jason and Phil still nude pre teen lolitas
slept like the
dead, as only teenagers can sleep.The day was already bright, and the sun was warming the camp as they
emerged from the tent.Nick had put his cut-off shorts from last night back on, noticing a
small, stiff spot on the crotch. He didn't know if it was his own cum or
his Dad's, but he was happy the evidence was there. He decided to think
it was Dad's sperm, just like the load he now carried in his innards. He
savored the thought as he left the tent, following his Father into the
bright sunlight.Bill, too, had donned his shorts, preparing to make coffee and breakfast
for his family.Nick went over to the latrine near the camp to pee. He thought again over
the happenings of last night as he finished, his cock starting to stiffen
again as the imaginings replayed in his mind. He shook off the last drops
of urine, and playfully decided to leave his penis sticking out of his
shorts as he left the latrine and headed back to his Dad.Bill saw Nick come out of the head, cock rampant before him, and smiled
broadly at the sight of his Son and the evidence of his horniness .Nick saw Dad grinning at him and was glad he was enjoying the sight.Bill felt his own dick begin to stiffen again in his shorts at the sight
of Nick, and he lightly groped his crotch as Nick walked towards him. He
had not zipped up the fly, and his swelling penis slowly found the
opening, extruding itself, little by little, into the cool air, the head
beginning to become exposed as the young lolita pics
foreskin retracted along his swelling
shaft.As Nick reached his Father, Bill's prick had swollen to full rigidity,
and Nick wordlessly went to his knees in front of his Dad and took
Bill's cock into his mouth, swallowing the penis slowly but fully, into
himself, wrapping his arms around his lolita hot girls pic
Dad's strong, firm hips and pulled
him closer as his throat clamped down on the wonderful rigid shaft of his
Father's cock, silently worshiping him.Bill hentai young lolita footjob forgot about the coffee and breakfast as he experienced the feeling
of Nick's throat, tongue, and lips working over his penis, the
delightful sensations that the blow-job was providing. He gave his cock
fully to his wonderful Son and let him have his way.Nick thought only of the privilege of having his own Father as his lover,
of Dad's marvelous masculinity, that he was possessing the perfection of
Dad's penis while he sucked, tongued, and swallowed until Bill shot once
more in an orgasm that gave up more hot bolts of sperm into Nick's
willing mouth.Bill sighed a deep sigh as his penis shrank in Nick's mouth. He had done
without sex for so long until last night, that he had forgotten how
special it could be with someone he really loved. He pulled Nick up to
his feet and strongly hugged him, then deeply kissed him, his tongue
slightly entering Nick's mouth. He tasted the flavor of his own sperm
that still lightly coated Nick's lips.Then he turned Nick around, his strong Pecs and abdominal muscles
pressing into his Son's back, his limp penis pressed against the warm
denim of Nick's cutoff shorts. He hugged his Son to himself again, and
took Nick's hard, erect penis into his right hand, stroking the loose
skin up and down, covering and uncovering the flaring, sensitive cockhead
of his Son's manhood, jacking him off with a restrained urgency.Nick laid his head back against his Dad's neck and closed his eyes while
Bill's hand stroked faster and faster. Bill watched Nick's cock in his
hand while the head began to turn a dark purple and grow steadily larger.Bill's left hand roamed over Nick's chest and abdomen, feeling his
son's rippled stomach, while he ministered to his Son's need. Then he
reached into the fly of his Son's shorts and brought forth Nick's nut
sack, and held the jewels caressingly.Nick felt the oncoming orgasm and began to softly murmur^�^�"Oh^� Dad, Yes^�.more, Dad, ^�Oh Daddy^� I'm Coming "^�^�.Then his cum
shot out of his cock, arcing away from him, again and again, as Bill's
hand continued the manipulations.Bill lightly squeezed his Son's testicles as Nick's orgasm subsided,
his right hand getting covered with Nick's now oozing sperm. He savored
the moment, feeling the slick stickiness of the semen on his Son's still
rigid penis.Bill turned Nick around to face him and kissed his Son with passion and
love. His long-suppressed sexuality had been rekindled by the sudden
development of this new relationship with his Son, and Nick's hunky
masculinity. They each knew that the future now held more for them
together than the past had held for them alone. Lovers know.Chapter Four"Whoa, Boy I've got to make breakfast for our boys," Bill said as he
heard Phil and Jason begin to awaken and stir in the tent.
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